Myanmar Initiatives

Justice Base supports Myanmar lawyers and civil society through programs in five main areas:

High Court Building Yangon, Myanmar

High Court Building Yangon, Myanmar.

Fair trials.  Since 2013, Justice Base has monitored and assessed the quality of court proceedings in Yangon and held trainings and hosted roundtables bringing together a cross-section of justice sector stakeholders including civil society, lawyers and journalists. Justice Base works closely with lawyers and civil society to observe and identify violations of fair trial standards in order to support the development of locally-led monitoring programs in Myanmar.

Presenting findings from court observations conducted in 2013-2016.

Access to justice.  Since 2012, Justice Base has conducted assessments of access to justice needs in low-income communities in the Yangon Region. In partnership with UN Women, Justice Base led a participatory research project in 2014 examining women’s access to justice in Myanmar’s plural legal system over the course of 8 months in Chin State, Kachin State, Mon State and Yangon Region. A final report was published in 2016 highlighting women’s barriers to justice at the community level, considering both formal and informal justice systems. The report serves as an instrument for analyzing and shaping policy relating to women’s rights, access to justice and related issues in Myanmar.

Focus group discussions on access to identity documents in Pathein, Myanmar.

Rule of law awareness.  Justice Base is currently working with International Development Law Organization to create Burmese language materials to graphically illustrate rule of law principles. They will educate attendees of Rule of Law Centres courses and community members about the rule of law, and contribute to developing local expertise on the rule of law.

Technical advising.  Justice Base provides technical advice to civil society actors and activists focused on human rights and the rule of law, regarding international standards and best practices, legislative drafting, data collection and reporting, and advocacy strategy.

Constitutional, legal, and political trainings.  Justice Base has provided trainings on various issues related to domestic and international law, comparative constitutional structures, democracy, federalism, multiculturalism, and skills such as legislative analysis, legal research, advocacy, and reporting.

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